So has anyone seen the latest trailer for Maleficent? If you haven’t, then I bid you good news.

This  here was released yesterday on Vevo, featuring a couple more never-before seen clips from the movie and not to mention a rendition of probably what I consider, the most important Disney song ever! I had to take a moment to process the entire video because 1) Jolie’s flawlessess and 2) Lana del Rey, period.

I’ve heard through and over the grapevine that Angelina Jolie has handpicked the ever so alluring LDR to do a rendition of the renowned song, Once Upon A Dream, for her upcoming film.

In this unique reimagining of the tune originally sung by Princess Aurora that served as her and Prince Phillip’s theme song in the 1959 animated feature, Sleeping Beauty. Lana lends her voice to give a darker, sultrier (even a bewitching kind of) flare to the iconic love song.  With her signature deep voice and timbre, Lana adds a sense of foreboding to the song, which I think is completely perfect for the film. It’s hypnotic and transcendent.

I can’t even describe how much I love Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent and her glorious Mistress Of All Evil self. Favorite Disney villainess, okay. Just ask my cousins. I seriously cannot wait to see this movie!


P.S. Tell me if you want a copy of the song! YouTube’s being uncooperative by removing the audio on the Once Upon A Dream uploads and Google Play is a meanie. Just comment if you’re having a hard time finding a copy.