It’s the Weakend

This has been my payday theme song for the last couple of  years now, ever since I started working:

Hells to the yes to getting paid!

My work friend, Claudine, and I went to Binondo to splurge a bit. She wanted me to try out some local favs at Wai Ying. This is my first visit to this particular Chinese restaurant. Claude says they have the best dimsum and house tea.

Claudine got chicken asado while I ordered roast duck asado because nothing compares to duck, tbh. We also got some radish cakes (which were bomb) and century egg dimsum (also bomb).

Besides the house tea, which was really nice, I got some of the iced milk tea. It was honestly, one of the best non-franchise milk teas I’ve had. Y’all should definitely try if you haven’t.

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Also, we visited Lucky China Town Mall, so Claude can go through Daiso, Miniso and Mumuso. Wonder why they all have similar name. Maybe it’s like a branding thing? End your semi-affordable Chinese/Japanese/Korean-made store with the prefix -so to make it appealing? IDK, guys. Help me here…

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Would love to get my hands on these adorable animal porcelain bowls and these cacti candles (which are by far way cute than the ones sold at SM Department Store).

Overall, I pretty much enjoyed spending my fleeting moments of freedom doing something fun. I actually also purchased 2 more cacti from my suki in Divisoria and a pretty nifty box of candy in Binondo. Maybe I’ll post what I do with it next week. In the mean time, kindly refer to this Youtube video from NigaHiga!

Succulent Appreciation Life

It’s time for another monthly round-up!

God, I think the last time I did a post like this was when I was still an intern in college. And those posts were so unbearably terrible. Knowing that I’d be either too tired or lazy or just crazy busy to post anything that isn’t complete nonsense, I’ll just sum up the month in one post to make things easier. My February has been somewhat uneventful. I met up with some friends, which I talked about on my last post, and that’s pretty much it for me.

Hands up if you missed Art Fair PH 2017 and will (probably) miss Wanderland music fest this coming weekend. Well guess what, folks!


These are hard times for my soul. It is being sucked away by work. The call center life is harsh, y’all.

The pros about my current work is that (1) it’s pretty close to where I live and (2) I can wear really casual clothes i.e. sneakers, an old t-shirt and a hoodie. One time I wore the same jeans 3 days in a row and no one even blinked an eye about it. (3) I’ve also made some new friends and I can safely say that I’m getting along with my teammates. I get to experience something that’s not government service.

The cons, however, outweigh the pros. (1) I barely get enough sleep on the weekdays; (2) I never get enough sleep most of the time but that was choice. (3) I’m always tired, I wanna do fun or interesting things after work but I can never get to it. I immediately go home and I don’t have the energy to step back out anymore. I can’t even do my chores. I’ve missed so many great and fun events the last few years. Either I was working or was in the province. I’m not the only person who feels this way for sure.

I did manage to go to Divisoria at some point. My brother’s birthday was coming up so I had to buy him a bunch of art supplies. He picked up ~calligraphy~ as my mom has informed me and he personally requested some brush pens and disposable fountain pens as his gift. I’m so happy that he got into something artsy as a hobby. I’ve always loved calligraphy myself but never found the time to take it up.

Here’s a photo of the rest of my DV haul:


I finally bought a planner! It was the only green-colored item they had left so waiting until the end of February was not the greatest of decisions. All the good planners were long gone. I also found myself regretting not buying the cactus girl notebooks I found last year because they are nowhere to be seen these days. I found another cacti-themed notebook, however, and it’s totes cute if not for the badly written quote on the cover. I also got some embroidery supplies: new hoops, some patches and thread. I was planning on doing my own version of cacti-themed thread art I’ve seen online and all I really need now is just some good fabric. Other purchases included a multi-functional spork, a credit card pocket knife, an echeverria, and a set of old musty Marvel and DC comics from the 1990s for Php10 a pop. What a bargain!


My cousin also got some succulents which I have been dying to get my hands on here in Manila. I’m so happy with them! They’re so pretty and vibrant and so fun to take care of.


I’ve been missing the cacti garden I started back home so now I’m trying my best to propagate these bad boys. So far, I haven’t found success but hopefully, the new batch I started would sprout in a few weeks. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

So there you go, guys! That’s been my month. Lots of overtime at work (mostly mandatory) which is unfair to and extremely sucky for me since I have a perfect attendance score all February. Anyway, I’m hoping for the best on my next salary. Sending good vibes to wherever you are and here’s to a productive March 2017!

Together & Apart

Xin Nian Kuai Lei and Happy Lunar New Year to all  of those who celebrate this holiday!

Sleep is for the weak, as they say. And this Saturday, sleep, I did not. After a 10-hour shift at work, I went straight to Makati to run errands for my aunt and cousin at Enterprise. I got there too early and had to wait 2 hours for Usana to open. Boo! I went home to eat some leftover potato salad and went straight out again to meet accompany Steffi hit up the stores around Malate to find good bargains.


It was lunchtime by the time we were (kinda) done, so Stef and I went to get our fav dose of affordable ramen. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Erra’s Ramen House was already back in business. My cousin told me a few weeks ago that the place burned down due to a fire of unknown origin, possibly the work of VFD? Anyway, you can look it up here. While we were there, they already had a new set-up, renovations were almost done on the last half of their space which is great for all their of patrons, who are already flocking in to get a taste of the vest ramen in town, as Erra’s gloriously states on their Facebook page.

Getting our fill of ramen we crossed the street to get bingsu at Snow Panda. I don’t really have a preference on which place or what kind of bingsu there is because I will definitely eat it, regardless.


After cheapskating our way through Manila, we went back to Makati to check out the shops (read: sales) and meet-up with Arren, who I have not seen in almost 2 years! Missed this lil rascal so much.  We were starving and I really wanted Yoshinoya so Steffi indulged me. Arren took a while because he’s no longer based in Manila which all the more reason why I’d want to see him!


Roaming the malls in Ayala was tiring especially if the stores don’t have that one Adidas, right Stef? We’ll find that goddamn shoe, gurl.

We caught up and talked about all sorts of things. We’re all employed now so we shared stuff about our new jobs. Something Arren and I laugh and bond about is how we got left behind by our peers. But we’re catching up and we’ll probably end up climbing a mountain too, like everyone else.


Last thing we did before parting ways was share a meal. We couldn’t decide on where to eat so Mexicali was the best solution. Nothing compares to a good quesadilla and even better company. Really hoping to catch up with the rest of my friends soon too.