Together & Apart

XIN NIAN KUAI LEI! Happy Chinese New Year! Most especially to all those who celebrate this holiday.

Sleep is for the weak, as they say. And this Saturday, sleep, I did not. After a 10-hour shift at work, I went straight to Makati to run errands for my aunt and cousin at Enterprise. I got there too early and had to wait 2 hours for Usana to open. Boo! I went home to eat some leftover potato salad and went straight out again to meet accompany Steffi hit up the stores around Malate to find good bargains.


It was lunchtime by the time we were (kinda) done, so Stef and I went to get our fav dose of affordable ramen. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Erra’s Ramen House was already back in business. My cousin told me a few weeks ago that the place burned down due to a fire of unknown origin, possibly the work of VFD? Anyway, you can look it up here. While we were there, they already had a new set-up, renovations were almost done on the last half of their space which is great for all their of patrons, who are already flocking in to get a taste of the vest ramen in town, as Erra’s gloriously states on their Facebook page.

Getting our fill of ramen we crossed the street to get bingsu at Snow Panda. I don’t really have a preference on which place or what kind of bingsu there is because I will definitely eat it, regardless.


After cheapskating our way through Manila, we went back to Makati to check out the shops (read: sales) and meet-up with Arren, who I have not seen in almost 2 years! Missed this lil rascal so much.  We were starving and I really wanted Yoshinoya so Steffi indulged me. Arren took a while because he’s no longer based in Manila which all the more reason why I’d want to see him!


Roaming the malls in Ayala was tiring especially if the stores don’t have that one Adidas, right Stef? We’ll find that goddamn shoe, gurl.

We caught up and talked about all sorts of things. We’re all employed now so we shared stuff about our new jobs. Something Arren and I laugh and bond about is how we got left behind by our peers. But we’re catching up and we’ll probably end up climbing a mountain too, like everyone else.


Last thing we did before parting ways was share a meal. We couldn’t decide on where to eat so Mexicali was the best solution. Nothing compares to a good quesadilla and even better company. Really hoping to catch up with the rest of my friends soon too.

Begin again.

If I have any actual followers (thanks for having my back y’all), they would know that my blog has been out of commission for a few weeks now. Sadly, I was unable to get the funds to renew my domain and it probably won’t be back any time soon.

I have a lot of things and plans to save for, so purchasing my domain back isn’t on top of my priorities right now. So now – – is in limbo. I’m still hoping on recovering it as I’ve had that URL since 2014 and I intend to keep it.

In the meantime, I’ve removed it so I can still use this platform and continue documenting my uneventful life. I can already tell that it’s gonna be a pain in the ass but I’m gonna do what it takes to reclaim what’s mine.

So what have   been up to lately?

Life has been hectic and tiring. I started working at a call center and it’s both pretty exciting and stressful. My family doesn’t expect me to stay long. I’ve been doing it for 2 months now and I’m still learning and trying to get the hang of it. But I think I can handle it. There are times that it can get pretty nerve-wracking. Anything can happen during a single call – so many mistakes can be made and  so much shit can go down.

Adulting is never easy and this is technically, the second job I’ve had after graduating college. I’m not new to this but some things don’t come naturally to me. I’m not the best sales person but with enough time, practice and positive feedback/encouragement, I think I can go places. Right  now, all I wanna think about is budgeting finances, being more responsible and disciplining myself. I may be living semi-independently but I am a total mess. And my roommate is not helping the situation.

I want to be more positive and I want to feel like I’m living on my own terms and be secure in doing so. Ugh, why is that so hard to achieve? I wonder if this is what a pre-mid life crisis feels like.

I hope you’re not having a hard time as I am right now. Here’s to sending good vibes to the universe and wishful thinking!

Singapore on a Dime

This is the story of how I cheapskated my way in the Lion City in less than 24hrs.

Some people say that layovers are a drag but the one I had at Singapore for my Jakarta trip last September was a total blast. Taking this trip with me was my older cousin, who was also in desperate need of a break from adulting.

Our connecting flight was an entire day away from our arrival in Singapore so our layover gave us almost an entire day to explore. I’ve always taken direct flights to Indonesia so this prelude to this thriving metropolis was something I thoroughly enjoyed. From what I’ve experienced, this was considerably more pleasant and tolerable than the harrowing layover stories I’ve read online.

Departing from Manila, I noticed that NAIA Terminal 1’s interior has improved a lot since from the last time I’ve seen it. I hope the upgrades and renovations don’t stop there. Now, I have a special place for aviation in my heart and nothing makes me happier than sitting on a plane, taking in the view at cruising altitude and getting giddy on the anticipation of setting foot in a new destination. I’ve got a strong tolerance for the problematic civil aviation and airline industry so it takes more than the usual travel/tourist nuisances to deter my mood.
6We flew via TigerAir (my first time with them for an international/regional flight since I’ve always been a Ceb girl) at a very agreeable price, around Php10,000.00 round-trip (MNL-CGK via SG), even in the absence of a seat sale when we booked. It was an early AM flight and the aircraft utilized was an A320 which looked like it had seen better days. I slept almost throughout the flight and finally setting foot at Singapore Changi International was a dream. I’m well aware that there are better aerodromes out there but please humor me when I say that Changi was the best one I have seen so far. I loved their facilities, their friendly and good-natured staff and I would be lying if I didn’t say that their control tower was a sight for sore eyes.22The gap between our flights meant that we would be staying overnight in SG and so my cousin decided that we were better off at getting a place in the city than staying at the airport. We didn’t have checked-in luggage so we were both stuck with heavy duffel bags we had no intention of hauling everywhere. After a quick visit to the nearest foreign exchange, purchasing our adorable EZ-Link cards and  taking a crash course on the SMRT, we headed straight to the hostel.1023With its cozy yet sophisticated urban vibe, Green Kiwi Hostel was a hub for different people and cultures. A short trek from Lavender Station, it wasn’t hard to locate at all. The accommodations were sufficient (around the clock AC, free breakfast, wifi and use of their computers), clean and no-nonsense. We shared a perpetually dark room with a bunch of other backpackers, mostly Europeans. The staff, two of whom are Filipino, were friendly and easy-going. We paid around SGD17.00 each for our overnight stay in the mixed 10-person room. 173We began our aimless wandering traversing Lavender Street, heading to Arab Street. I was amazed with the lack of  traffic and how observant the people are of traffic rules and regulations. We gravitated to the sight of Masjid Sultan and the bustle of Kampong Glam with its shops and restaurants. It was already noon so we stopped near Bussorah Street to find a place to eat local fare.

816We walked further to Beach Road to check out Golden Mile Food Centre. We didn’t really buy anything there since we we’re still quite full. We just had a look-see and check out what a legit Singaporean hawker really looked like.15We’ve basically mastered the train by now. This is us waiting at a random station.9Chinese chicken and plum iced tea, bitch.
19My cousin wanted to look for the SGD1.00 ice cream vendor she read about online so we just had to go visit Orchard Road. She didn’t know specifically where it was so we walked for awhile before finding the nicest ice cream vendor ever at The Cathay Cineplex.2It was totally worth the struggle! Come through strawberry on wafer!!!
114-little-indiaLittle India was such a unique place, full of vibrant colour and scents. We didn’t find stalls that sold food, maybe we were simply at the wrong street/area but being there made me super excited in the possibility of visiting India in 2017 *fingers crossed*.
18I love finding anything matcha or green tea-related.23We went back to recharge and recuperate at the hostel. My cousin and I went home to Aklan before this trip so we barely had any rest.1After power napping for 1-2hrs and freshening up, we tried out the bus to go to Gardens by the Bay. I’ve had my fair share of buses in Metro Manila but nothing compares to the buses in Pandacan, Manila and after taking the SMRT buses in SG, I feel robbed. Na saan ang hustisya!?1421We walked around Gardens by the Bay and admired the architecture and the diverse plantlife. The cacti and succulents were my absolute fave. I also couldn’t help admire the Singapore Flyer from afar and since we ran out of time we weren’t able to visit it. We reluctantly parted with the park  so we could watch the lights show at SuperTree Grove.13Marina Bay Sands was quite a sight to behold. I could not fathom the stuff that went down so that this behemoth could stand here today for us to marvel. I wanted it to beam me upwards into the mothership (it simply game me those kind of feels). It was all kinds of amazing.20We walked along Bayfront Avenue and crossed over to Raffles through Helix Bridge so we can walk more and go to Merlion Park. Taking a photo with the famous monument is the quintessential souvenir after Singapore sightseeing so we could not pass that up.5Before calling it a night, we stopped by the Esplanade for a late night bite/dinner. We’ve been walking and walking for so long we didn’t notice our hunger if not for the sight and scent of good food. I was quite surprised that one of the stalls here was a Gerry’s Grill!img_1608At the end of the day, the most I spent for the layover was maybe Php4500 and since were bereft of time to dig in to the cultural hotspots and other trendy places to visit, there wasn’t much to spend. We did manage to hit up more than enough locations to say that it was worth our while.

We returned to our lodgings at around 11PM. It was late but the city was still teeming with people keen on relishing Singapore’s nightlife. Tired, drained and exhausted from wandering the city, we tucked into our bunk beds amongst our temporary roommates. Sleep was fleeting but the  day’s experience was one for the books and I could not wait to come back and stay longer, explore more diligently and bring a heftier budget.