Heya, fellas! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted so I’ve cooked up something new for everyone. Here’s a bunch of new television shows I’ve been keeping myself up and busy with lately.

(Also, the following content may or may not have spoilers)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Anyone who still doesn’t find Andy Samberg funny should probably try watching all of his SNL appearances or if that’s way too much (which isn’t btw), give Brooklyn Nine-Nine a go. It follows a laid-back NYPD detective (played by Samberg) as his new boss, Captain Ray Holt (played by the effortless, Andre Braugher) tells him to grow up and act like a proper police officer. The show is set in, you guessed it, Brooklyn’s fictional 99th Precinct.

It’s a really funny show, with three episodes in, that’s got great promise and a lot of good laughs. I’m so glad it’s raking a lot of positive reviews. There’s been a lot of praise for Braugher, who barely needs to use a facial muscle to get you laughing like a maniac. He does not disappoint. Terry Crews joins the lot as well as funny man Joe Lo Truglio, Mellisa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz. Based on the first episode alone, there’s bound to be more cameos from other SNL comedians. *fingers crossed*

Out of all the cast, my favorite character has got to be Administrator Gina Linetti (lol) played by comedienne, Chelsea Peretti. I think she  should be my spirit animal. She is effortlessly funny and so entertaining! I can’t believe she doesn’t have more tv shows under her belt, she’s hilarious!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a nice change from all the serious cop shows on TV right now and I know you would enjoy it for sure.

Watch the trailer here.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I can’t believe it’s finally here! It felt like forever since the San Diego Comic Con, which I cried about for a while since it was a million miles away, and now it’s airing!!!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. follows the events that took place after The Avenger’s film, sharing continuity with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Agent Phil Coulson’s very much alive! And he’s assembling a small team of talented S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to handle new cases. They recruit the help of a gifted hacker named Skye, who’s linked to an organization called the Rising Tide. A group hell bent on exposing S.H.I.E.L.D. and the secrets it protects to the entire world. The team has to come together and use team work and ingenuity in figuring out newly emerging superhuman individuals and out of this world objects/technology, and to overcome the challenges set before them.

I’m very satisfied the casting done for the show. Joss Whedon, I applaud you! I love each member of the team so much. From kick-ass Melinda May, to brainiacs Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons (practically my new OTP), and even gruffy ‘ol Grant Ward (I already have a special soft spot for him in my heart). Skye has yet to warm up to me though. There’s something off about her ugh even though I know she’s a good person.

The show’s also been cleverly used as a backdrop for other Marvel characters. If you are watching, I hope you’ve noticed them! I won’t drop any more spoilers, I promise. I really appreciate that because it means that the possibility of the expansion of the Marvel Univerise grows every episode. Here’s to hoping the show keeps on progressing and more FitzSimmons moments!

Watch the trailer here.

The Originals

The Originals is the new spin-off series to CW’s The Vampire Diaries which premiered October 3rd. The story revolves around The Original Family and shares continuity with the TVD universe. It focuses on Niklaus Mikaelson (our favorite werewolf-vampire hybrid) as he returns to New Orleans, the town he helped build with his family centuries ago.

I haven’t been up to date with The Vampire Diaries series, I’m terribly behind but I really like this new show. I’ve honestly been waiting for it for some time now. I just love Niklaus and his evil, demented ways. Besides the characters we’re already familiar with like Klaus’ siblings Elijah and Rebekah, and the werewolf Hayley (ugh), there are also new characters… interesting ones on board. Watch out for more witches, vampires and other yet to be disclosed beings and the war that rages between all these supernatural factions deep in the French Quarter of New Orleans. I for one think that the setting is perfect for the show’s vibe, filled with voodoo magic and just the plain supernatural. This show is also a great way to expand and explore the TVD universe and an entertaining way to view the history of one of the most alluring set of characters *cough* Klaus *cough* within it.

If you have CW on cable, The Originals precede Supernatural every Tuesday night at 8:00. It’s a nice warm-up to watching SPN, If I should say so myself *laughs* but since we don’t have that in the Philippines, I have to settle on watching it via the internet.

Watch the trailer here.

Sleepy Hollow

I don’t know why I keep putting up with spooky shows when my mother has explicitly warned me that was they are the exact reason why I get paranoid as hell. I blame late night Supernatural marathons for that. After almost 3 weeks of watching the first episode, I am still flippin’ scared as heck. This would explain why I didn’t make a title card GIF for it on this post.  It doesn’t help that my cousin is out of town as I write this. Moving on though…

Sleepy Hollow: The Series, is a new take on the famous legend of the Headless Horseman, bringing it into a modern setting. Ichabod Crane has been dead for nearly over 2 centuries, when he suddenly rises from his grave and awaken in modern day Sleepy Hollow following the summoning of the Headless Horseman (revealed to be Death of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse), the very same man he killed while on a mission for Gen. George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

He teams up with Lt. Abbie Mills, who is unseemingly connected to the web of sinister and supernatural things happening around town, and put an end to the group responsible for thwarting the peace.

For some, this show isn’t as scary as a perceive it to be  but I’m honestly easily frightened so forgive me if I exaggerate too much. I seriously watched the next 3 episodes at school with my friends as company. I was that traumatized by episode one. The overall vibe of the show is still pretty good though and there’s lots of unexpected plot twists here and there. I definitely hate the goat demon popping in and out, I mean JFC!!! I love, however, the inclusion of witches and possible two warring covens – one is good and ther other is evil so more of that I hope.

Watch the trailer here.

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

Here’s another spin-off! Once Upon A Time In Wonderland is the Lewis Caroll-centric spin-off of Once Upon A Time. It focuses on Alice’s adventures in Wonderland and shares the same universe as its parent series.

In Victorian England, Alice is locked away in a madhouse when she talks tall-tales about visiting a strange place down a rabbit hole where there are hookah-smoking caterpillars and a cat that turns invisible. While her doctors’ aim to cure her, she was ready to repress her memories and leave the notion of Wonderland behind when she is rescued and brought back to Wonderland to face the Red Queen and… Jafar.

Once Upon A Time features a wide array of characters from almost every famous fairytale imaginable, the plot tends to get confusing at some points and the distribution of screentime for everyone becomes insuffifient. I hope they utilize OUATWL to explore more of the OUAT universe without having to compromise the integrity of OUAT. Since it will have cross-over episodes, there will be more continuity with some of the story-archs.

Wonderful casting of Sofie Lowe (so pretty) as Alice and Michael Socha *swoons* as the Knave of Hearts. And Naveen Andrews makes an excellent Jafar! Wish he lost the ridiculous wig though. I’ve seen one episode so far but it certainly looks promising. I just hope they improve the CGI bits because, damn it looks so disappointing *cringes*

Watch the trailer here.


P.S. I will probably be writing a part 2 for this post since I’m watching a ton of shows at the moment. I hope I’m not the only one excited.


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